Carpet - Broadloom and Carpet Tile

Carpeting is a favorite choice for softness, comfort, and warmth

New fiber technology today allows for a stronger, more durable floor covering while keeping your new carpet soft to the touch. Nylon fibers are highly durable, and several manufacturers use identical fibers in making their products. Colors abound, and trends seem to be pointing towards using carpet as accents on stairs, in hallways, or even being made into area rugs to complement other floorcoverings such as hardwood or cork. 

Carpet tile has made a gigantic entrance into the industry

Originally designed as a commercial-use product as an alternative to glue-direct carpet, these versatile and durable tiles are now finding their way into homes as accent and area rugs, playroom flooring, or “entry-mat insets” for hardwood floors.  If a tile is damaged or stained beyond reuse, simply replace it with a new tile.  Done using you carpet tile?  Depending on how it was originally installed, that product could be removed and donated to a recycler or salvage company for reuse in a new site.  This is very common practice for companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Swedish Hospital, and many more.  LeBlanc Floors & Pro Home Services (our sister company) has purchased carpet tile from salvage companies for use in our own facilities.