The natural characteristics of cork make this an outstanding flooring option for almost any application in residential settings, as well as many commercial or retail settings. Cork is a highly renewable product– it is the bark harvested from a cork oak tree, but the tree is not cut down, allowing it to be continually harvested for years.

Cork floors can be used in almost any room in your home, including the bathroom.

Its appearance creates a warm and inviting feeling, while its insulating characteristics actually help to retain thermal energy. Cork is impact-resistant, thereby reducing step-impact in foot traffic, while its sound-deadening qualities reduce impact noise & step noise in and between rooms. Cork can often be floated over an existing subfloor or existing hard-surface flooring, or glued directly to the subfloor in tile or plank format. Color selection ranges from natural-looking “cork-board” to stained and varied patterns, making cork a versatile floorcovering for most any style, from traditional to simple to contemporary.