From a simple screen and re-coat to intensive repair, we can bring your wood floor back to life.

The Pacific Northwest is full of old homes with old floors. LeBlanc Floors is an expert in sourcing old wood, making repairs, and restoring old floors to their original state. Hardwood floors add value to a home, and restoring what you already have, makes for a great return on your investment.

Beware floor enhancers!

Many companies offer an “enhance” or “rejuvenation” service that will “repair or disguise much of the damaged areas and restore that original life and luster to your floors”, diminishing visibility of scratches and scuffs. While these options look good in pictures and can look good on your floors for awhile, it may be permanently damaging to your finish, causing costly and time-consuming repairs down the road. Be careful when hiring these services– ask what types of finishing product is being used, and ask HOW IT GETS REMOVED.
Does it require a chemical stripper, sanding, or just a good cleaning with low-pH cleansers?
Will it harm my existing finish?
Does it bond to the existing finish, or just lay on top?

The answers to these questions may indicate how durable or strong the enhancer is, and how difficult it may be to remove later if you choose to refinish your hardwoods.

Don’t be afraid to protect your investment, ask lots of questions!