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Kitchen & Bath Design

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Upgrading your kitchen design is an exciting time for every homeowner, whether it is new construction or a remodel of any size. Since this area sees a great deal of traffic and multiple uses each day, it's no wonder you need to update from time to time. Whether visual or function, we want to make sure your ideas are brought to life.

The idea of redesigning your kitchen and bath can seem overwhelming at first. But rest assured, we’ll make sure to go over every single option so that you don’t miss a thing. To make sure you get the very best attention to detail, be ready to consider your most important preferences and requirements.

Custom Designs

Your kitchen décor might be outdated, in ill repair, or need to be upgraded to remain current with today’s trends. Whatever your reason for wanting something new, it's important to know exactly what your expected result is. For instance, changing from a rustic, farmhouse kitchen with an island to a contemporary and modern area with optimal floor space could be just what you need. Décor can make your entire home feel different.

Many of the same ideas can be put into play in your bathroom as well. Depending on specific nuances, you might require updated lighting, electrical outlets, or added counter space or shelving. It’s important to think about what will work best for you and your family, and then work towards that specific goal.

Some remodeling projects can be daunting, and others require some form of repair before the actual project begins. If this is your current situation, it can be helpful to note that our team can create smaller, more manageable projects, which can be finished over time, to make it easier on your household and your budget alike. To find out more about the many ways we can help you create the most memorable remodeling experience, be sure, and visit us at your convenience.

Why Us?

We know kitchen designs

LeBlanc Floors & Interiors is the knowledgeable, experienced, bath & kitchen designer in Seattle you’ve been searching for. Our goal is to create a timeless kitchen space or bath sanctuary to fit your budget, lifestyle, and family for years to come.

We assess traffic flow, Functional design element compatibility, and functionality of your new space. Our professional designers want you to feel free to let your imagination take the lead. Let us figure out the how-tos and the what-fors in your specific project. Our assistance includes defining budgets, setting realistic timelines, and giving technical installation advice for you and your kitchen remodeler or bath contractor.

Our interior design experts will help you choose the perfect finish materials for your design/ build kitchen or bathroom. They address everything from floor tile to backsplash tile, cabinet door styles to shower door styles, wood species to stains, paints, and finishes. It is our honor and pleasure to guide you through the design, selection, and procurement of cabinets. We also will help you chose the countertops for the kitchen or bath you always dreamed of.

Limitless Options

Are you building your dream home, or a stepping stone?

We go beyond the limitations of the big-box “free design” to navigate and assess traffic flow, design element compatibility, and efficient functions in your Kitchen and Bath Seattle style remodel. In addition, our full-service team offers professional kitchen & bathroom designers in Seattle who want you to let your imagination take the lead when deciding how your dream kitchen or bath sanctuary will come to life. Let us figure out the how-to and the what-for in your specific project, while you focus on the beauty and special features your newly designed master bathroom or guest baths will include. We believe there is no design idea that should be left out of the conversation. Collaboration is the key, and your input is critical. Our assistance includes helping you to define or refine your kitchen or bath remodel budget, which also includes your kitchen appliance and fixture budget. We work with you to set realistic timelines for the kitchen or bath remodel process and offer technical installation advice for you and your kitchen or bath remodelers.

Our interior designers will help you choose the perfect finish for your kitchen or bathroom cabinet and your quartz countertop. With our color-consultation and interior design services, we can also guide you to select your ideal paint or tile with our color consultation and interior design services. We can assist with everything from floor tile to backsplash tile, cabinet door styles to shower door styles, hardwood floor species, color stains, paints, and finishes. It is our honor and pleasure to guide you through the design, selection, and procurement of cabinets from our quality-focused cabinet makers. From cabinet package design to professional cabinet making to your new cabinet delivery, we are with you throughout the process to ensure your project is successful. We also will help you choose the countertops for the kitchen or bath you always dreamed of. When you choose our kitchen or bathroom design services, there is tremendous value built-in, so we charge a fee for our design services. A portion of that fee is then refunded back at the purchase of your cabinets and countertops with LeBlanc.

The modern kitchen, the classic kitchen, or a Seattle design?

The goal of our kitchen design team is to understand and draw inspiration from a variety of influences. While the style of a modern European kitchen may appeal to you, it may not be the ideal design for your Ballard bungalow or Queen Anne craftsman home. To preserve both the integrity of your home and the return on investment your kitchen remodel or bathroom update can ensure, let’s consider a more traditional kitchen design or a soothing, relaxing bathroom design to help you escape the stresses of daily life in Seattle.

That said, a European kitchen style might be perfect for your Kenmore or Shoreline mid-century modern architecture. At LeBlanc, we want to honor your dream home and your vision to bring out the best of what your remodeled home can offer.

Leblanc is dedicated to getting you that that award-winning kitchen look. Our team of kitchen and bath designers use several different influences to create your custom kitchen. LeBlanc Floors & Interiors’ diverse design team will draw from modern, contemporary, transitional, traditional, and classic design trends. This will help you achieve your dream home improvement goal.

Kitchen Cabinets

Our kitchen remodel team will guide you through the process to select your semi-custom or custom cabinetry. Our top of the line cabinet builders guarantee to offer several options to fit any style, floor plan, & budget.

Whether remodeling your whole home, small kitchen, or simply giving you a more efficient bathroom space. It is wise to work with a trained and experienced designer who is trained in specifying the fixtures, options, and hardware inside the cabinets.

What’s the difference in cabinet construction? Well, that’s a great question. Many cabinet manufacturers offer standard options like particle board or plywood boxes, while some only build with plywood. Some manufacturers standardize slow-close hardware while others offer it as an upgraded option. At LeBlanc, we have chosen to cover the bases by supporting cabinet lines from manufacturers that allow for any of these choices to be considered. Your project, your budget, our responsibility to help you navigate and select what best fits your needs.


Return on investment

Let’s face it: When kitchen planning ROI is a big factor in a remodel. Return on your investment should be a consideration regardless of how long you plan to live in the home, however, the longer you live in the home the bigger the return—assuming the property values in our area continue to hold firm and increase. How do you know when enough is enough? Here are some tips:

  • Look at the value of comparable homes around your area that are similar square footage and style to your home.
  • Visit open houses in your neighborhood to see what they’ve done in upgrades and remodels.
  • Don’t over-build for your neighborhood. If the majority of the homes in your neighborhood have granite countertops, don’t put in laminate. By contrast, if many of them have laminate, consider a solid-surface like Hi-Macs or Corian. It is more cost-effective than granite or quartz but it’s an upgrade from laminate.
  • Metal backsplash tile was a hot trend a few years ago, and still has a place in some homes, but it isn’t necessarily worth the extra money, when you can set your home apart with a classic subway tile shape made from glass.
  • When other homes around you are installing laminate floors, look to the cost of “real” hardwood. It’s often comparable (if the laminate floors are being properly prepped and installed) and offers a much stronger ROI (2019 suggested ROI on solid, site-finished hardwood floors was 106%, according to NAR, as quoted by NWFA).

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